Foreword from IPM’s Founder

Dear friends and colleagues,

I strongly believe that the ability to assemble dedicated intellectuals and professionals and strive together towards a common goal plays the pivotal role in deciding the success of a company. IPM team comprised of professionals from various fields affiliated to the building and construction industry, encompassing the ecosystem of the industry. Each Founder and Co-founder were recruited based on their respective expertise to aid the establishment of the four core businesses, namely Multidisciplinary Professional Consultancy Services in building and construction industry; Professional Training, Research & Development; Big Data & Software Development; and Portfolio Investment.

I am truly grateful to have each and every one of my team members who has been putting company’s interest as priority to realise our Vision. Without any of them, IPM would not have made it this far. There are ups and downs along the way, but I firmly believe that the bonding and determination of the team are going to turn hurricanes that come in our way into favourable winds.

IPM from top to bottom is making concerted efforts to thrive for the success of the company and for all the stakeholders. I am confident the integration of various professionals in the building and construction industry is going to form a strong alliance to revolutionise this industry by ensuring a healthy ecosystem.
Let’s strive together for a better future!


Let’s strive together for a better future!

Meet The Incredible Team of Experts

Our constituent members comprising the technical and conceptual brain trust are all highly educated professionals with vast experience in handling projects and consultation services.


Ir. Justin Lai Woon Fatt
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Ir. Dr. Goh Hui Hwang
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Chai Meng Ka
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