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“ It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. ”

– David Allan Coe

Professional Consultancy Services

The Multidisciplinary Professional Consultancy Services is established to provide a one stop design hub to cater the needs of the building and construction industry in ASEAN region. The Multidisciplinary Professional Consultancy firm is providing services comprising of architectural consultancy, engineering consultancy, quantity surveying consultancy, and town planning consultancy which also includes specialised consultancy services such as Traffic Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Green Building Index, Valuation, etc. The ultimate goal of establishing 35 chain offices and 300 franchisees all over Malaysia is to convey IPM’s services to every corner of Malaysia.

Professional Training & Research

Realising the gap between universities’ educational system and the industrial needs, CSDC is committed to gear up the key personnel in building and construction industry to equip them with practical knowledge to apply in the real life cases. This is to improve the quality of building and construction industry in Malaysia and in due course safeguarding public’s safety. Besides that, CSDC also aims to step in as a bridge to link the industry and universities in Malaysia to ensure the inventions from universities can be appropriately commercialised. CSDC will be the platform that provides the right channels for the industry players to seek for collaborations with local universities and vice versa. Ultimately, CSDC wishes to be the organisation that owns the most Intellectual Property in building and construction industry within ASEAN region.

Information Technology Development

The lack of user friendly software that supports BIM in the building and construction industry has motivated the establishment of the Information Technology Development division. Dedicated to assist young professionals in the building and construction industry, Avem software will be developed to benefit not only Avem itself but also associates and franchisees all over Malaysia that will be offered with exclusive access to the software. The global trend of resources integration has created an opportunity for Avem to contribute to the society. The first ever IT platform that integrates professional main players in the building and construction industry will be built and eventually making Avem the largest big data owner in ASEAN region.

Project Management Consultancy Services

Draco is established to assist landowners in their first land development project. Hiring permanent management team for a single project is impractical. Therefore, Draco offers assistance to landowners throughout the phases of project initiation, project implementation, and project completion. Draco conducts detailed assessment and feasibility study before embarking on a project to evaluate the return and most importantly the benefits to be brought to the community and economy. With vast experience in the construction industry, landowners can put their mind at ease by leaving their lands in the hands of Draco.